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Cordoba House
Develops programs to enhance the American Muslim Identity

Gitenstein & Assadi PR was retained in 2011 to work with this non-profit which focusses on developing programs to enhance the American Muslim Identity.  A beacon of transformative spirituality for the American Muslim community in NY and beyond. Grounded in the authentic essence of faith through worship of the One God, the purpose of the Cordoba House it to establish a compassionate forward thinking, moderate, pluralistic and inclusive Muslim community that applies a holistic approach to education, social services and activities, interfaith relations and cultural events. While working with the non-profit we have secured numerous op-eds including publications such as: The Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, Daily Beast, CNN, Huffington Post and New York Times.  We also have booked featured interviews on NPR, PBS, SiriusXM, CNN including interviews with Christianne Amanpour, Washington Post and the Times of Israel.