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Forensic Accounting Research

CFRA leads the world in forensic accounting research, analytics, and advisory services. CFRA’s team provides analysis to a diverse array of clientele, from asset managers to regulators, insurance companies to pension managers. The firm tracks companies in Asia, North America, and Europe to provide an unbiased and researched account of the relative risk to investors. CFRA identifies situations where reported financial results do not provide the true picture of a company’s health. Clients benefit from this research because CFRA identifies risk occurring at these companies.

CFRA retained Gitenstein & Assadi Public Relations to:

  • Introduce the company to the national business media
  • Broaden its exposure to the financial media in the U.S. an U.K.
  • Introduced Director of Research, Retail expert, Financial Services Expert, Energy Expert and Legal Edge Expert to the major media
  • Increased CFRA's financial media exposure through increased attributions in prestigious outlets such as Wall Street Journal, CFO and Bloomberg


We also set several editorial meetings with major business publications such as Barron's.