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Service Media Relations

Through our media relations services, Gitenstein & Assadi PR places our clients in the most valuable and highly regarded national and international media outlets. Our strategic media campaigns build credibility, improve public perception and capture positive public attention by focusing on the client’s unique requirements and strengths. We write and dispatch news releases, pitch to the media and utilize the latest technology to reach media on all platforms including print, digital, and broadcast TV and radio.  We provide strategic use of social media primarily using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.  Our campaigns identify the appropriate use of these social media channels to drive the best business results for our clients.

Our clients are regularly sourced in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg, Reuters and appear as guests on CNN, CNBC, BBC and NPR as expert sources on a variety of topics.

Many reporters at top financial publications reach out to our clients first to get an idea for fleshing out their angle for their stories.