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Article Clock Ticking on Virtual Annual Meeting Decisions
Monday, April 13th

Hundreds of companies are holding virtual shareholder meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent article in Agenda, a subsidiary of the Financial Times, Mediant President and COO Sherry Moreland states that demand for our MIC Digital Shareholder Meeting solution could be as much as 15 times original estimates for its first year of availability, and that more widespread adoption of virtual annual meetings is expected.

The total number of virtual annual meetings ultimately to be held will be limited by issuer decision making and staff availability to advise, train and conduct the meetings.

According to Moreland, “technological bandwidth is less of a concern than coordinating the human resources bandwidth needed to support the coordination of virtual meetings, answering questions and offering consulting and tutorials. It’s not because the product is difficult, but so many issuers are thinking about this for the first time and have a lot of questions.”